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The roadmap is divided into several stages, showing the route the FINX has taken so far and expects to have in the coming months.
  • 1

    Q1 2023 (Jan-Mar)

    Reshaping the future of finance with updates to follow up the new economy trends.

  • 2

    Q2 2023 (Apr-Jun)

    Building a loyal community of users and focus on global adoption of digital currencies with legal frameworks worldwide.

  • 3

    Q3 2023 (Jul - Sep)

    Setting up a knowledge base for future of finance and better economy understanding for its users

  • 4

    Q4 2023 (Oct - Dec)

    Digital economy and its adoption.

Focus on The Global Economy

Better understanding on the focus of FINX GATE. Its distribution aligns to our values of fairness, community, and accountability.

FINX is gradually and quickly rolling out its product well laid out in the roadmap and updated across their various social media platforms in real time to get the user know what is new and what is on the way. The major products and services being rolled out across in the next 60 months

Core team and contributors

Meet the founding team behind this great project.

Dona Fosters


Working in the financial department of major investment companies.

Carey Harlend

Economics advisor

Carey has been working with top economy analysis companies for the past decade. She's been dedicated researcher and motivated team member.

Vincent Sutton


Vince developed his career as an application engineer in card management systems before embarking into blockchain technology. Vince has over 4 years of experience in the financial services and banking industry. Vince joined FINX in 2019 and is currently managing FINX blockchain and IT infrastructure. Vince is a multi talented, genetic and knowledgeable tech guy who has gained exposure in banking and card systems.

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